Monday, 2 November 2009

I Do ( Nobody's Beer Drinking Song)- G Clair

Tending to things that don't matter that much
wasting my time watching TV and such
spending my money on folly and shame
don't point at me 'cause your doin' the same

Waiting on something that's bigger than this
cleared away cobwebs and cut through the mist
made up my mind that I'm staying alone
I keep to myself for I'm all that I own

and I need someone to tell me
it's gonna be alright
and I want someone to lead me
out through the dark of this night
i do...yeah I do

paying the bills that are up to your chin
Wait for the day when your ship will come in
keep even-keeled in the worst of the gales
but climbing the stairs takes the wind from your sails

So you work until five then it's time for a beer
month after month turns to year after year
Thinking that maybe there's some other way
taking a risk could mean falling away

and you need someone to tell you
it's gonna be alright
and you want someone to lead you
out through the dark of this night
you do...yeah you do

Well nothing is really new under the sun
we've taken a look but not turned to the One
why all the bitterness I can not say
pride in our lives chose the ignorant way

But we all need someone to tell us
it's gonna be alright
and we all
need someone to lead us out through the dark
and the dread of this horrible night
(dong, ding, dong)
the dark of this terrible night
We do.

Strange how this song sort of wrote itself a couple of years back, as I was still affected after watching an old black and white Orson Wells movie " The Stranger" in which he plays a Nazi general, Franz Klammer (I think it was). Klammer had escaped the war crime trials and fled to America with a new identity. He had taken a job as a professor in some Ivy League College in New England. The detective who is investigating the fugitive is played by Edward G. Robinson. Franz is eventually found out but not before marrying the daughter (Loretta Young), of some VIP at the college. Franz has an obsession with clocks and the movie revolves around this fixing the clock tower of an old church on campus. You watch as his life begins to unravel, the truth becoming evident, as he sinks to murder in a frantic attempt to keep his secret. He winds up confessing to his wife, but with a growing suspicion is plotting her murder as well. Not unexpectedly, the movie comes to a climax as Franz is confronted and the truth is revealed in clock tower, in the dark of night, and just as the clock is repaired. There is a scuffle between Franz and the police in the tower, and as the news breaks to the towns people, they gather at the foot of the chuch, while Franz, in an attempt to escape is shot and impaled on the sword of a life-sized bronzed figure, which encircles the clock at the top of the hour.

Pretty graphic for that time. Very dark and eerie. My lyrics aren't really about the movie at all, but maybe more about being a victim of your own stupid choices, feeling imprisoned and needing some hope and guidance, comfort, love, trust...a light at the end of the tunnel. I believe that Jesus is the light in the darkness, the Way, the Truth, but I think we need to have a sensitivity to those who are still lost in the search for peace and acceptance. Anyway. I've got a lot of words here. I do. Must be the full moon. G'night.

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