Sunday, 1 November 2009

Uncle Rumpkin- G Clair

(To the tune of " If I Only Had A Brain")

Well they call me Uncle Rumpkin
my body's just a pumpkin
my nose
the pointed core~
with a smile
I deliver
warm you up
when you shiver
if you leave me on the floor

well my face is close to human
my teeth can almost chew men
but I'm not
that kind of dude~
in the end
when our eyes meet
you will see
who's the pie's meat
when they're servin' up the food

and I..
would rather die..
a broken shell smashed in the street..
to be a trick, over a treat
for all your kin..
who'd rather eat..

well I'm not a nasty fellow
in fact I'm rather mellow
my face was carved for sport
on the porch, Jack-0-lanterns!
grab a torch, 'fore the man turns
and we're churned into a tort!

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