Friday, 13 November 2009

the joy of socks - G Clair

Not to be the only one who feels
that it's important
to keep your shirt on
to keep your patience
of this I'm certain
with understanding
in quiet waters
are sunken

Catching wind of something that you said
I'm quite relieved that
you are the type who
can see the end from
a rough beginning
and in forgiving
you make it clear
that there's no
fear in

Letting go of all that is behind
we can be freed from
old silly notions
wasted emotions
vain devotions
useless worries
about a future
and of all

Reaching out for something that is good
and latching onto
discarded socks you
were thinking 'clearly
they don't deserve you'
but still you serve so
it will continue
and you will
never be

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