Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Who Sits In The Red Chair? - Phil Ginsburg

I met this man and his lovely wife at a party at my sister's home. My first impression was that he bore an uncanny likeness to David Um...i can't know, that guy from 'Curb Your Enthusiasm'. Within a few minutes of talking to him I could see that he was also pretty funny, kind of quiet but observant, intelligent and insightful. I spent some time talking to his wife, who shared the interesting story of how they had met and fell in love. Phil was very encouraging after my sister embarrassed me by insisting I recite a poem I had written. It was one of my earlier ones about dating, you know, right after a bible study she decided it would be fun for me to 'share' it with the group... and the content was sort of....inappropriate. Awkward. They were waiting. So I cut out some of it but it was still kind of wrong for the moment. Anyway he was encouraging and informative with regard how to go about publishing my own poetry book. I have not done so, and figured that perhaps I would get to it, maybe after 30 or poems. I think I've written about 170 or so and still no book. Anyway, my friend Angela, found a cute red velvet chair, the type you'd see parked in front of a vanity. She's got it parked at the base of her front stairs, and she says that the boys who come to date her daughters will have to sit there waiting for the grand descent. Anyway the chair triggered a memory of Phil and his book entitled "Who Sits in the Red Chair?" Hoping to find out how I could get a copy to complete her entry, I Googled Phil's name. I thought I'd heard that name before. Phil Ginsburg, Ginsberg. Who IS that? Anyway, when I got to his site, I saw a pic of the Red Chair, but the name of the book was " Voices Beyond the Veil". I don't know where I got the first name, but there is definitely a red chair involved.


What does one say about oneself without sounding too modest or too self-promoting? I am an New Yorker. I live in Colorado. I'm happily married and have a daughter in her senior year in college. I consider both these events as evidence of the miraculous in my life. (It always sounds phony when people write their bios in the third person. I don't have a third person. I'm content with just being in the first person.)

Where was I? Oh yeah. I'm Jewish and I'm a believer in Jesus. I know. I know. I've heard all the arguments why you can only be one or the other. Well, I've met the Lord and He's Jewish and I don't think he's called me to become Korean, Serbian, or Scottish.

I graduated theater school in New York City a long time ago. I once sang on television and Barry Manilow accompanied me on the piano. I was a stand up comic at one point in life and did a bit on the old Merv Griffin show. I'll never forget Merv's comment after my monologue: "Was he on LSD?"

He had a good point. I was out of control that night. I was out of control the first 30 years of my life. When I met the lovely Savior I found shalom. Peace. Such peace.

Thank you, dear friends, for visiting this website. I hope my book will help provide you with the Shalom you are seeking.

Sincerely, Phi

Voices Beyond the Veil
The Story of God, Humanly Speaking

To be sure, "Voices Beyond the Veil, The Story of God, Humanly Speaking" features 80 dramatic monologues from the Bible exploring the inner lives of the people of the Book. Beginning with Adam and Eve in Genesis and ending with the Apostle John in Revelation, "Voices" is a book that gives utterance of things past, present and future.

It is a book for now that draws us to the eternal.

Comments about Voices Beyond the Veil

"Many times I have had people say to me that the message from his monologues was more powerful for them than the sermon itself. Phil's insight into the interior life of these biblical characters is worth
its weight in gold."
-Bill Tibert, pastor, Covenant Presbyterian Church,
Colorado Springs

"Reading Voices Beyond the Veil opened my mind and heart to understanding the people of the Bible in a more engaging and personal way. I highly recommend this theatrical devotional!"
Red Chair-John Cruz, vice president for, American Bible Society

Phil Ginsburg has found a way to capture and share the full range of emotions experienced by a multitude of Bible characters. His book makes devotional time something to look forward to again and again.
-Joe Lachnit, International Publishing Consultant

Please send a check for $12.95 and add $3.00 per book for postage ($15.95 total) to the following address (U.S. shipping only please):

Phil Ginsburg
4164 Austin Bluffs Pkwy. 245
Colorado Springs, CO 80918-2928
email: or

Receive with each order a FREE CD containing six live performances of selections taken directly from the book.

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You may also order “Voices” from or by going to any bookstore with the following information:

Voices Beyond the Veil, The Story of God, Humanly Speaking
By Phil Ginsburg
Outskirts Press Soft cover - 248 Pages
Publication date: 01/2007

ISBN 1-59800-964-8


Lone Grey Squirrel said...

His name is familiar. Great to hear from a Jewish Christian.

Angelissima said...

red chair, indeed!