Thursday, 17 April 2008

map quest

And how long did it take me to drive 22 miles this morning? 2 Hours! The map took me right to the edge of it and then I was on my own. Wound up in Trenton. I need to get a GPS.

1: Start out going EAST on SPROCKET toward SHIVERVIEW TER. 0.0 miMap
2: Turn RIGHT onto SHIVERVIEW TER. 0.2 miMap Avoid
3: Turn LEFT onto ONESHIP RD. 0.2 miMap Avoid
4: Turn RIGHT onto CREEPY RIVER RD/ CR-533. 1.6 miMap Avoid
5: Turn LEFT onto CR-632/ GRIGGSTOWN CSWY. 0.3 miMap Avoid
6: Turn LEFT onto PANAMA RD/ CR-632. 0.6 miMap Avoid
7: Turn RIGHT onto CHUNKER HILL RD/ CR-632. 2.4 miMap Avoid
8: CHUNKER HILL RD/ CR-632 becomes NEW RD. 2.7 miMap Avoid
9: Turn LEFT onto CR-522 E. 2.1 miMap Avoid
10: Turn RIGHT onto BLOWN OUT RD/ CR-679. 0.6 miMap Avoid
11: Turn LEFT onto CRUNCK RD. 2.9 miMap Avoid
12: CRUNK RD becomes CR-522. 1.6 miMap Avoid
13: Turn LEFT onto CR-522/ CR-615/ E RAILROAD AVE. 0.0 miMap Avoid
14: Turn RIGHT onto E RAILROAD AVE/ CR-522. Continue to follow CR-522. 3.3 miMap Avoid
15: Turn LEFT onto MOUNTS MILLS RD. 2.3 miMap Avoid
16: Turn RIGHT onto ENGLISHTOWN RD/ CR-527. 0.3 miMap Avoid
17: Turn LEFT onto UNION HILL RD. 0.5 miMap Avoid
18: Turn RIGHT onto PENSION RD. 0.4 miMap Avoid
19: End at 104 Pension Rd Manalapan, NJ 07726-8400 Map
Estimated Time: 42 minutes Estimated Distance: 22.06 miles


Angelissima said...

yikes, Gina!
The roads are very tricky back there.
I've done that trip -- heck it I can remember HOW. But I do remember being on Crunker Hill Road.

Creepy River? hehe.

I'm sorry to hear this. I know you hate driving through Princeton, but it is the easiest way...get on 33 and go.

Did you see Washington's headquarters on Crunker Hill Road?
That whole area is fraught with Revolutionary War history.

In fact, an incident took place right up on Creepy River.

I know, I know, who cares.

Well, I hope this incident won't dissuade you from coming up for another night at Dark Sky Spa.

Hey! look on the bright side, you did get to see the Morning Star!

Next time, come up with Chris. He knows the way back to work.

Anyway, I'm so sorry you had to endure that ride. It must have been extremely stressful.

Gina said...

I LOVE the back roads, Ang, and had I taken them I would have been there sooner. As it were, I took them to Rt 27 and then out to 1, where I missed that turn onto 591 or 133...I saw the intersection but couldn't get over to the jug handle in time, and saw that traffic on 1 was backed up for miles through the Princeton area. I stayed on 1, expecting to hop on 295 to 33, but got behind a stinking box truck and missed that exit. WOUND up 50 miles out of my way, in the heart of Trenton. With a sore throat, a full bladder and the sun in my eyes! ....I'm over it.

Yes I have seen some interesting historical sites out that way. I love the little hamlets sprinkled through the wooded hillsides of Franklin. I still want to write about my stay at your B&B!

Gina said...

The Morning Star Retreat House