Sunday, 27 April 2008

faux sea painter

An 'excerpt' from my sister's email:

"I'm sure you've watched ABC's EXTREME HOME MAKEOVER- and heard TY Pennington yell

Well, originally I signed on, after hearing a family I had gotten to know at our private YMCA facility, here in Colorado, was chosen to win a home. The daughter, K., has a rare skin condition. She doesn’t feel heat or cold or pain, and can't cool her own temp. With the mounting medical bills, the family was headed for homelessness, but were chosen out of hundreds of applicants. The project allows for locals to assist in various ways, and I was eager to help out any way possible, preferably to do wall murals, if requested. My daughter, Laura, who manages a Starbucks in Colorado Springs, assisted in setting up and overseeing the coffee area at the site.

ABC built a temperature controlled home for this dear sweet child- 62 degrees year round. Unfortunately for me, ABC already had hired a faux painter for the kids rooms. It must have been hard for the team to do a good job with such time constraints, having to complete the entire project in 1 week, but the house turned out really beautiful! Kayla's bedroom was a small part of it.

I get a call a 2 months later. Mrs W, asking for my time and talent-
"Why?", I'm thinking- It looked fine on television. Sadly, there were concerns about a possible allergy to the fish tank, which was the focal point in the room. After much consideration, the family decided it had to go and that the room would need a makeover.

The room was repainted in an ocean blue- now I had a fresh canvas-
Here's my attempt at -Extreme "Re-make over"- My new friend wanted to be under the sea with her favorite characters- so here goes":

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Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Wow. Thanks for sharing. It must be a great feeling to be able to do something special and so meaningful for someone like Kayla.

I hope your "boy" from a couple of posts back is better.