Monday, 28 April 2008

mom jeans

A follow up to the last post.

After a nice drive down the scrubby back roads of Howell and into the Pinelands of Jackson and into Lakehurst, I turned my car into the long paved driveway which led to my friend's house in the woods. Had to park my car just off the asphalt,which was decorated with colored chalk, in what appeared to be paths which wound around and interconnected. Some sort of game, i presumed. I was met by a throng of children and the husband of V. who welcomed me in their beautiful home. It had been over a year since we last visited. Anyway, I love to visit this bubbly woman who I have known since the age of 15. I thought I was 10 or 12 but turns out that I am 15 years older than their little brother, S., whose birthday we were celebrating. As I mentioned in my last post, we had all met at the christening of the birthday boy. St Veronica's. 1977, since S. is 31 now.

I spent the next hour catching up with V., munching on this great taco salad ( i got the recipe), sipping champagne, (the family drink for generations),and trying to remember the kids names and who belonged to whom. V. has a sister, E., who wasn't able to be there, and between them they have 8 children. It was so good to talk to the relatives who I had not seen in years. V's mother is a dear friend of my mom, a very bubbly and spiritual woman, a hospice nurse and chaplain at one of the larger hospitals in the area. I love talking to her. She is in the process of buying a home on the beach which she intends to use as an aftercare retreat for the bereaved. This is all very exciting as B. is a woman with vision and will see these things come to fruition, as God is able to move 'mountains' to see these things through. So...

In walks the BD boy. He is a strapping young man. A hefty but very cute biker looking dude in black and jeans in with long hair and a doorag. Every time I see him which is about every 5 to 10 years, he is more of a man. Our last run in occured as I was driving down Hwy 37 and we happened to pull up along side each other at a light. Or was it at the Midas Muffler? Not sure, but he is a big guy now. He gave me a breath taking bear hug. Just as i had suspected, he's in a biker club. A 'family club' he says. He said he had seen me at a biker run, the Oktoberfest a year and a half ago with my ex. Anyway, V's husband turns out to be related to a friend of the ex. He's one of the guys in the Bog Iron Band. The Bog Iron Band is perhaps the best bluegrass band in these here parts. I would love to have them play here at Geefest if I could get my landlord to agree to it. This is the perfect spot for a '12 keg megaparty' though I know about these things. The owner is very particular about his grounds. And all those bikers. I don't see it happening. Anyway that was that.

S. liked his Rice crispy treats, the Avocado maraca which he slipped in his pocket, and 'Build it Yourself' mini chopper/chopper book which he carried around like a kid. Guess I had him pegged. Boys like toys. V. brought out the 1/2 sheet ice cream cake and i played a rousing Happy BD on the electric piano. I wrapped it up at 10. He walked me out to the car and after saying our goodbyes gave me another bear hug. No talk of the unthinkable D word. Thank you. I feel old enough. I wonder if the 60 year old guys on eharmony would feel the same way toward me. i just can't get past the age difference.
Happy B Day S.

not a word about the mom jeans. didn't wear em.


Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Well, he sounds nice.

Gina said...

for a little brother.