Sunday, 27 April 2008

cradle robbing

i was just invited over to a friends brother's bd party...i love these people. grew up with them. remember when the boy who is now 30 something, was baptized. I was about 10 or 12. Anyway, about a year ago, his mother called me to see if i would be interested in perhaps dating her know, i just felt that perhaps i may be too old for the dude. I'm more of an older sister type. anyway, Barb and I never really spoke after that. now I am getting ready to go down there for a burger and brew. I made him some rice crispy treats and I am gifting the man with an avocado maraca and a build it yourself chopper scaled down to fit in the palm of your hand, as I remember he is into motorcycles and grease. Happy B Day, man. Don't look at me that way. I am old enough to be your Auntie. i hope he's got a girlfriend. These young buds scare me. I guess this situation calls for mom jeans.


Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Please! No situation deserves mom jeans. Just burn them.

Gina said...

bonfire of the mom jeans, LGS.

I saw a woman dancing around in mom jeans at a bar recently. I was thinking, "Don't laugh, that could be you, Gee". Behind the lines, there was a man sporting a Joe Dirt mullet. I think he was a roadie. I noticed now that kids are wearing wild prints in polyester that Nonna wore all her life. Dusters and large baubles.

Levis created a line of straight legged stretch jeans which have a longer zipper and are marketed as
"slimming". I was blinded by the word and had to have them. After I brought them home, I realized that the jeans were designed, much like a girdle, to rise above the muffin top, above the naval and half way up my back. Mom jeans. Get em off, get em off!!

I think my willingness to use bad fashion to ward off love interests is appalling and reveals a deep seated fear of intimacy.

I just can't believe when i see some of those high waister styles coming back in polyester. The girls modeling these things are over 6 foot. You put a short gal in high waisters and they come up just below the breast line. Like old men. And pendulous women are sunk, wearing their chests on the pant leg. Before long, they'll bring back built-in suspenders like back in the 80s. The clown jean. Pleats, stone wash and mmmmmmullets.