Tuesday, 15 April 2008

home on the radiator

i really enjoy being home these days, especially around dinner time before the sun sets. just starting to feel settled. started cooking again. something about making your own dinner. even if it's a scrambled egg. last night I threw in the remainder of that antipast, olives, roasted peppers, mushrooms, basil in olive oil with sea salt and pepper and an english muffin on the side. alittle cabernet, light a candle and kick back to the sweet sounds of....well whatever it was I was watching, i kept noticing the sunset through the window in the living room, the fish bowl i set up on the radiator cover( waiting for a Beta), catching the light and magnifying it all in the glass. I put that fishbowl there because it reminded me of scene out of the Cat in the Hat. Anyway...it's just nice. I wish I could have a child there. sigh...or a little dog. hmmm...or a fish or somebody.

but it's a nice apt. I love being home and wonder if I am in the early stages of 'Hermit'. Yesterday i went for a ride around the back roads and discovered a river which runs through it. Actually I discovered a parking area which leads to a trail which leads down to the river bank wherein I could possibly drop a kayak. I was thrilled until I realized I'd have to have a second person come with me to park at the other end, wherever that would be...Rats. I need a second party! maybe I should take up fly fishing.

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