Sunday, 13 April 2008

what ever became of....

I tend to Google quite a bit. It's my way of coming up with new things to think about. New ideas. Still, every once in blue moon, my curiosity peaks and I have to google my past. Because my first ex has a very common name, I Googled his wife's name. This led to her employer, a private school. I Googled the school and clicked over to the PTO
(Parents Teachers Organization). I was stunned. There in the middle of the page, a publicity shot ( for the school), of Mark and his son, working on a wood shop project together. Amazing. Anyway, I was glad to see that he turned out alright. Married for many years, still wearing his ring, hasn't lost any fingers, still the same guy, looking thoughtful and content, caring and involved with his children, and involved with the PTO. jackass. oops. see? no wonder. bet she never calls him anything. see how long that lasts.

So that's that.