Thursday, 24 April 2008

i'm ready for my song

one of my guys is sick. he's been ailing for a few weeks.poor kid. well he's 35 but actually more like 7. the dude's been coming here and sleeping. not quite himself. something going on there. so finally he winds up in the hospital, and still they have no idea what's wrong with him. now his father tells me that they can't wake him. in intensive care. i feel so sad about it and wanna go over there and put his favorite CD on his head ' Bon Jovi. It's my life.' He tends to hang around my office and parks by the door. I can sense his eyes looking in my window and when I look up, he says, " hey Geeeeena, I'm ready for my song. It's my life." For a while it was an everyday thing. i would put his song on 'the you tube', and he would sing along with it. made his day. "PLAY MY SONG NOW." I am praying that they can figure it out and he will get well and come back to us. To his family. Please pray for D. We miss him around here.

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